Ways to Serve

Serve on a Board

Board of Elders

Assists in overseeing the spiritual life of the congregation

Board of Stewardship

Nurtures the Christian life of the members

Board of Education

Oversees and fosters growth in the Christian faith-life

Board of Trustees

Maintains and supervises the physical property of the congregation

Board of Evangelism

Directs the Christian witness of members to the community and world

Board of Women’s Ministries

Equips and helps women to live Christian lives and “Serve the Lord with Gladness”. Member of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML). Learn more about the LWML at http://www.lwml.org/who-we-are  and  http://www.lwml.org/home .

Board of Human Care Ministry

Reaches out with Christian love to the physical needs of our family

Board of Youth Ministry

Guides the youth of St. Paul, as they become a part of our ministry

Board of Preschool

Facilitates the early childhood center ministry


Worship Services

Sing or Play

Sing in a Choir, play in the Bell Choir, or play a musical instrument

Video Recorder Coordinator

Supervise and schedule recorders for services

Record Services

Video & audio tape the services and other special services.

Choir Accompanist

Accompany one of the choirs for rehearsals. 

Altar Guild

A group of women serving to present the chancel as a focal point for our worship, preparing for communion and baptisms, caring for altar paraments and vestments, arranging for flowers, etc.

Children’s Choir Director

Coordinate and direct the children’s choir that will sing twice each calendar year

Flower Coordinator

Works with the individuals who sign up to have flowers on the altar for Sunday Service and order poinsettias and lilies during the holidays


Share your talents with us in our worship and/or for special occasions. 

Hang Banners

Is responsible for displaying the proper banner in the sanctuary to coincide with the church season or Holy Day. Coordinates with the Pastor or Altar chair as needed. 

Head Usher

Supervise and schedule ushering teams for services

Greeter Coordinator

Ensure that members and visitors are greeted at all worship services utilizing a list of volunteers


Assist with seating & other duties as required


Greet visitors as they enter for worship services.


Lector Coordinator

Schedule readers for Sunday services


Nursery Coordinator

Schedule volunteers to supervise the nursery during worship services and Sunday School hour.



Reads the Bible lessons in worship service. 

Nursery Attendants

Supervise care of children in the nursery during the 8:30 & 11:00 Worship Services, Sunday School hour and special church meetings.


Deliver worship service recording to homebound members

Nursery Janitor

Looking for individuals that are willing to periodically clean toys, wash bedding, and empty trash cans in the nursery. 


Offer Your Services

Computer Programmer

Has experience in computer programming and/or maintenance, willing to assist with computer needs

Transportation Coordinator

Ensure that transportation is provided upon request to worship services and other congregational activities for members or visitors in need of this service.

Worship Folder Volunteer

Collate the worship folder according to schedule arranged by the Worship Folder Coordinator. Time required is one hour per week and volunteers are asked to sign up for one month at a time. Work can be completed on Thursday afternoons, Thursday evenings, or before noon on Fridays.

Provide Transportation

Be willing to provide transportation to worship services and other congregational activities for members or visitors in need of this service

Help with HOPE Gift Market

Annual alternative gift market (Helping Other People Everywhere) is held in November.   Assistance is needed with manning a booth, serving food, or at the cashier and checkout table.

Need Transportation

Request for transportation to worship services or congregational activities.

Conversational Dinners

These are held once a month on the third Sunday, from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. They meet in member’s homes.

Provide Food for Special Events

Provide food for events such as conferences, weddings, various congregational functions.


Help Decorate/Make Banners/Arts & Crafts

Put up decorations to get the church ready for Christmas

Use your creativity in making banners to be used in the church for general and special occasions

Opportunities for making decorations for festival days, favors for dinners and special occasions.

Provide Overnight Lodging

Provide overnight lodging to visiting speakers, music groups, or other guests.

Senior Fellowship Luncheon

On the second Wednesday of the month seniors bring a dish to share for lunch and a short devotion.