Feb. 19-26 Calendar of Events

Sunday (2-19)                       9:00 am             Coffee Fellowship/Education Hour

                                             10:00 am    Worship with Holy Communion                   

 Monday                       10:30 am   Preschool Chapel

                                               7:00 pm    Board of Directors

Tuesday    10:30 am Preschool Chapel

    6:15 pm Women’s O.T. Bible study

 Wednesday Ash Wednesday

  9:00 am Collate Epistle

  5:00 pm Midweek Classes

  6:00 pm Soup & Pie Supper

  7:00 pm Ash Wednesday Worship

Thursday  10-12 pm   Family Service Quilters

  1:00 pm   Family Service Meeting

  6-9 pm   Ministry Expansion Campaign Team

  (using Fellowship Hall)

Saturday 9:30-11:30 am  Youth Sunday Practice

Sunday (2-26)  Youth Sunday

9:00 am Coffee fellowship/Education Hour

10:00 am Worship Service