March 15, 2020 Announcements

Calendar of Events

Mar. 15 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Education Hour
  11:00 am Worship with Holy Communion
Mar. 16 5:45 pm Women’s Bible Study
Mar. 17    
    NO Midweek Classes–SPRING BREAK
Mar. 18 5:45 pm Lenten Meal
  7:00 pm Lenten IV Worship Service
Mar. 19 6:30 pm Praise Team Practice
  7:30 pm Bell Choir
Mar. 20    
Mar. 21    
Mar. 22 8:30  am Service of the Word 
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Education Hour
  11:00 am Service of the Word


No Midweek classes this week due to Spring Break. Classes resume March 25.

FREE MONEY! (FOR CAMP OKOBOJI)! If any youth who have completed grade 3-12 would like to attend a week of camp at Camp Okoboji this summer, the Board of Youth has funding available to help pay registration fees. They also have information on other financial opportunities if interested. Camp registrations are open now. Deadlines will be soon. Please contact Carla Murphy for details.

Grocery Shower for Camp Okoboji ~ Join us during Lent to support Camp Okoboji with a grocery shower. Their wish list includes- large cans of vegetables (except peas), cereal, sliced olives, mayo (not salad dressing), pickles, Oreos, snack crackers (with cheese or peanut butter), Instant Iced tea, sugar, flour, heavy paper plates, 8oz Styrofoam cups, paper towels, and heavy duty aluminum foil (75 ft. rolls). Look for a tub with the camp logo where you can place your items. Thank you!!!

If you were not able to sign up for the Simple Fix workshop for March 5, we hope to have another one at a later date. This is a freezer meal workshop at the West Ames HyVee. You will bring home food for 4-6 people for these yummy 7 meals. Cost is cost of groceries, plus $10/person for setup fee, which is about $110. Sign up on the bulletin board in the narthex!

Would you like to be on our St. Paul prayer chain? We have a prayer chain that receives email prayer requests for our members and friends in need. What a privilege it is to bring those in need to our Lord in prayer. How do you sign up? You can circle “Prayer Chain” on the Time & Talent form, or just let the office know. The Office email is or call the office 515-232-5838. We would be happy to add you.

“Life Matters!” is the theme of our upcoming LCMS Circuit Convocation to be held on Sun. March 29 at 3:00 pm at Christ Lutheran Church, Bouton. Join folks from Ames, Perry, Boone, Jefferson, Ogden and Bouton as we listen to presentation about the work of Lutheran Family Service and Perry Lutheran Homes in defending God’s plan for life in the public square on behalf of our church. Leading the discussion will be Kim Laube, LFS Life Ministry Director, Dr. Jim Lamb, LFS Life Advocate, and Melissa Gannon, Chief Operating Officer of Perry Lutheran Homes, as they discuss legislative and constitutional efforts to defend life at its earliest and to resist assisted suicide bills in order to protect life at its end.

The Evangelism Board is seeking volunteers to go to Camp Okoboji for the Annual Work Weekend, April 30th – May 2nd. Meals will be provided Friday noon through Saturday noon. Thursday night meal and Friday breakfast will be on your own. If you are interested, please sign up on the bulletin board. Please Contact Charles Ellis (515-708-8574) or Ron Coy (515-231-1031) if you plan to go on Thursday so lodging can be arranged. Please sign-up by April 19th.

Do you want to know what that is going on at Camp Okoboji? If you would like to be on the Camp Okoboji email list you can email Kirk Warnke at and ask to be added to their list.

For your convenience a hand sanitizer dispenser is now located adjacent to the visitor guest book in the narthex.  Additional hand sanitizer dispensers are available at the west entrance and the entrance to the fellowship hall.  

All women are invited to the Spring Fling Brunch hosted by the women of Trinity, Boone, March 28 at 10:00 am. Sign up to carpool on the bulletin board by March 22.

 VBS Volunteers!  We know it is early for VBS. However, if you are wanting to volunteer, or think you might want to help out, we need to make sure you are SAFE trained! Contact either Carla Murphy or Thomas Wilson to set up training! 

The Women will begin a new Bible study on April 6. It is “The Incredible Power of Kingdom Authority: Achieving Victory Through Surrender” by   Adrian Rogers. For information on how to get a book, please call the office. (232-5838)

Members that have Thrivent Choice Dollars will have until March 31st to direct your choice dollars to the institution of your choice.  After March 31st, Thrivent will direct the remaining choice dollars where they choose.  If you have any questions, please contact Tom Peter or your Thrivent Representative.  If you designate St. Paul to receive your Choice dollars, please notify the financial secretary, Tom Baas, into which area of the budget you would like your dollars to go. If you don’t they will go into the church’s general fund.

Memorial Lutheran Church, Ames, is looking to hire a church secretary.  This is a full-time position which includes full benefits.  For more information contact Pastor Heilman (515-292-5005 work, 515-451-0338 cell) or Pastor Beagley (515-292-5005 work, 515-708-0053).