June 18, 2017 Announcements

Calendar of Events

June 18 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Adult Education Hour
  11:00 am Worship with Holy Communion
 June 19  9am-12 pm Preschool summer camp
June 20  9am-12 pm Preschool summer camp
June 21  9am-12 pm Preschool summer camp
  6:00 pm Praise Team Practice
June 22 9am-12 pm Preschool summer camp
  10-2:00 pm Family Service Quilters
June 23  9am-12 pm Preschool summer camp
June 24    
Sunday   LWML Mite Sunday
 June 25 8:30 am Service of the Word
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Adult Education Hour
  11:00 am Service of the Word


Quilters will meet on June 22nd from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. bring a sack lunch and join us.

Next Sunday is LWML Mite Sunday.  Please help support the mission grants of the LWML by placing your donation in the large Mite box.

Thank you to all who ordered from Schwan’s for our fundraiser for the LWML. The initial phase is over but we will continue to receive 5% of every order for the next 63 days! Please use www.schwans-cares.com and campaign code 31507 when ordering on- line and 1-855-870-7208 campaign code 31507 by phone.

The Book to Know group will meet July 13 at Thelma Voetberg’s home to discuss “Not Forgotten” by Kenneth Bae.  Everyone is invited to read this book and join us for the discussion.

Women’s Bible study –  June through August, the women’s Bible study group will meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays (same as the men’s group).  We are doing individual studies, so come and join us for one or for all.  We meet at 5:45 pm in the church basement. 

Please check the church directory in the narthex to make sure your contact information is correct.  Many people are getting rid of their land lines, so please make sure we have a correct phone number for you.  Many people are including their email addresses, so please consider if you would like your email address added.   Thank you.

SOME HISTORY TRIVIA ABOUT THE LWML:  Why purple? The official colors of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League are purple and gold. According to the Southern Illinois Lutheran Women’s Quarterly Supplement, October 1948, Southern Illinois was the first to adopt the colors of purple, symbolizing royalty, and gold, symbolizing value and integrity. The LWML Executive Board adopted purple and gold at their board meeting in 1951.

With Thrivent Grant Money we have been able to purchase ‘Party Buckets’ and fill them with ideas and items to help you have a gathering of friends, co-workers, family, people in your neighborhood. It is the goal of this summer project to get people together to build relationships and dialogs, in plain language, getting to know the people around you.   We have several different buckets and can’t wait for someone to take them home.  Is it you???  Why not?  Give it a try. Contact Janelle Swenson or Ellen Sander for more details.

We are collecting plastic grocery bags to be donated to Camp Okoboji. This is to help them save money on trash bags. Bags should be in decent shape meaning no big holes. If you have questions, please contact Charles Ellis for more information.

To all new members – please contact Charles Ellis with the Evangelism Team to set up a time to get your new member photo taken.

We are no longer collecting ink cartridges.  We will continue to collect cell phones if the charger is included. Thank you.