February 12, 2017 Announcements

Calendar of Events

Sunday   Preschool Sunday
Feb 12 8:30 am Service of the Word
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Education Hour
  11:00 am Service of the Word
  12:00 pm Voter’s Meeting
  5:30 pm Conversational Dinners
Feb 13 10:15 am Preschool chapel
  4:15 pm American Heritage Girls
  5:45 pm Women’s Bible study
  6:00 pm Men’s Bible study
  7:00 pm Board of Directors
Feb 14  10:15 am Preschool Chapel
  6:30 pm Seed Stuffing
Wednesday   Epistle Items Due
Feb 15 10:30 am Bible Study- Jeremiah
  4:30 pm Midweek/Confirmation classes
  6:00 pm Praise Team practice
Feb 16  8-10 am  Kiwanis
Feb 17    
Feb 18    
Sunday  Time & Talent Sunday
Feb 19 8:30 am Service of the Word
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Education Hour
  11:00 am Worship with Holy Communion


It’s Lutheran Witness Renewal Time!  The current list is posted on the bulletin board.   Deadline for ordering is Sunday, February 26. If you want to continue to get the magazine, mark an OK next to your name and put your check for $22.67 in the office mailbox. This price includes the insert from Iowa District West. If you want to start getting the magazine, add your name to the blank form and put your check for $22.01 in the office mailbox. This price includes the insert from Iowa District West. If you want to stop getting the magazine, just cross your name off the list.

March Epistle Items are due Wednesday, February 15th.

Reminder– Bring your Bethesda Food Pantry Donations Next Sunday.

Director of Music Ministry Update- The search group for our new director has met with little success during the four month search.  The group did interview one candidate.  Members of the group feel there is an opportunity to serve the Lord if the position is split into multiple positions.  Thus, if the Lord moves you to consider serving, or you know of someone who has expressed an interest in serving, as Vocal Choir Director, or as Bell Choir Director, or as part-time organist, please visit with a member of the search group.   It is our hope that by dividing up the duties we can find qualified and willing candidates to serve the Lord in these areas of our music ministry. “Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord” (Ephesians 5:19b)

A Seedy Opportunity!   St. Paul has been given an exciting opportunity to raise funds and all it requires is counting to 5.  “Our Iowa” magazine is contracting with us to insert 5 sunflower seeds into envelopes for a future issue.  The process is very simple and we invite anyone (over the age of 12) to participate. Materials are set up in the fellowship hall (east end).  We are planning to work each Tuesday evening, 6:30- ?. Come and join the fun! You may also come anytime you are available… individuals or groups. For more information contact John Murphy at 451-2860.

HELP NEEDED: The Women’s Ministry Team is asking for volunteers to help with childcare during the American Heritage Girls . A helper is need to assist Susan Fangmann with the care of 2- 8 of the leaders children between the hours of 4 pm and 5:15 pm two Mondays per month. What a great opportunity to Join Jesus in His Mission as we share God’s love with the leader’s children! Sign-up on the church bulletin board or call Gretchen Zitterich.  Thank you.

Conversational Dinner’s -Sunday,  February 12th  at 5:30. “As Time Goes By” has now taken us to the “Awesome 00’s”.  As we reach the era of technology, with gadgets and things to do unlimited by the imagination, we have entered a whole new world.  Conversational Dinners, too, will be enjoying the technology age with a trip to Iowa’s 1st Self-serve Wine Bar, Della Viti, on Sunday, February 12th.  Della Viti is on Main Street, here in Ames.  They offer 40 different wines for your tasting pleasure, and also 40+ craft beers, along with several other choices of beverages.  So treat your “special Valentine” to an evening of great wines, and even more important, a time of fellowship with fellow St. Paul members. 

Do we have your email address?  If you have changes to your email address, please notify the church office.  Thank you.

Thank you to the congregation for their support of the youth for the Super sub and bake sale. We really appreciate it!  Thank you to Hy-Vee for their donation that was used towards meat for the subs.  Thanks to Fareway for the discount on the buns for the subs.