Mar 5, 2017 Announcements

Calendar of Events

Sunday   Loyalty Sunday
Mar 5 8:30 am Worship with Holy Communion
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
  9:45 am Education Hour
  11:00 am Worship with Holy Communion
  1:00 pm LYF Blanket delivery to shut-ins
Mar 6 10:15 am Preschool chapel
  5:45 pm Women’s Bible study
   6:00 pm Board of Elders
   7:00 pm Kingdom Workers
Mar 7  10:15 am Preschool Chapel
Mar 8 4:30 pm Midweek/Confirmation classes
   5:30 pm Praise Team practice
  5:45 pm Lenten Supper-Trustees hosting
  7:00 pm Lent II Worship Service
Mar 9 10:00-2 pm   Family Service Quilters
  6:30 pm Bell Choir practice
Mar 10    
Saturday  Set your clocks ahead
Mar 11    
Mar 12 8:30 am Service of the Word
  9:30 am Coffee Fellowship
    No Education Hour
  11:00 am Service of the Word


 If you have a special occasion to celebrate or just want to offer, we need members to sign up on the altar flower chart that is located on the bulletin board in the narthex. We are also still in need of a flower coordinator. Contact Judy Peter if interested.

Quilters will meet Thursday March 9th from 10:00 a.m. until 2 p.m. This will be a Thrivent Action Team Event. your Thrivent T-Shirt. a sack lunch. is welcome. Irene Holthaus,

HELP NEEDED: Volunteers are needed to help with childcare during the American Heritage Girls meetings here at church. One person will assist Susan Fangmann with the care of 2- 8 of the leaders’ children between the hours of 4 pm and 5:15 pm. The dates we still need help are: March 27, April 10, April 24 & May 8. Sign-up on the church bulletin board or call Gretchen Zitterich at -201-7570.  Thank you.

 Give Jesus 5 – In our daily walk with Jesus, Pastor Finke explained it is critical that we share with each other what Jesus has been up to in our daily walk with Him.  The discipleship team and the Board of Elders, each time we meet, spend a short period of time at the start of the meeting to share how Jesus is working with us in our daily life.  The elders spend five minutes or so at the start of each meeting where we Give Jesus 5.   We encourage any type of gathering where two or three of us are gathered together to do something similar – at your homes, Bible study groups, church boards, music practices, etc. Please share your “Walk with Jesus” moments as you gather together.  Talk about how you see Jesus at work in your daily lives.  Talk about where you see His opportunities to share His love with those around you.  Jesus is on the move!

From the account of the Transfiguration in Matthew 17:8, we read: “And when they lifted up their eyes, they saw no one but Jesus only.” Jesus is enough. Moses and Elijah point to Jesus and are happy to fade into the background. With our eyes focused on Him and Him alone, the rest of OUR lives comes into focus. He is primary, all else secondary. When that order is right in our lives, things truly fall into place. As we observe Loyalty Sunday today, we place our eyes on the presence of God in our lives, and bring into focus what His loves means to us each day…in the material blessings God showers upon us, and in the assurance of eternal life that comes through His son, Jesus. Keep this focus on God as you consider how you might best serve His church on earth through your time and talents and financial offerings throughout the coming year. If you brought Time and Talent forms and pledge cards with you today, you may drop them in the box in the narthex. Please return these to church no later than March 26. There are additional forms and information on how you can serve St. Paul at the Stewardship display, also in the narthex.

The March 8th Lenten Supper will be hosted by the Trustees. (Menu is still to be determined, but they say it will be good!)   Please join us at 5:45 pm in the fellowship hall.


The Messianic Passover Haggadah……The Women of St. Paul and Conversational Dinners cordially invite all members and families of St. Paul to celebrate this ancient meal, a Seder Dinner, on Saturday, April 1 at 5:00.  Chef Duane Faas is putting together a traditional Passover meal, featuring a roasted meat, vegetables and dessert. 

Haggadah means “the telling”.  Passover is a story of miraculous transitions, from slavery to freedom, from despair to hope, from darkness to light.  As God cared for the children of Israel in ancient times, He cares for us now as we prepare our hearts for Easter.  Reservations are required, contact Ellen Sander or Gretchen Zitterich.  A $10/person or $20/family donation is appreciated.